Alexa Wisener

Alexa WISER is an actress, model and dancer who was educated and raised in Southern California. She started performing when she was three. She began performing at age three. Her first passion was baton twirling. Alexa took home the gold medal at the World Baton Twirling Championships in Europe in her twenties in addition to winning 7 National titles prior to that. Alexa was awarded numerous National dance awards in this time. She studied hip-hop, jazz, as well as contemporary styles. She also took ballet classes. She was a performer as well as a dancer with The Walt Disney Company at Disneyland California, as well as spending 7 months in Hong Kong Disneyland. The company also hired her at Universal Studios Hollywood as a Dancer. In junior high school she started her modeling and acting career. Alexa's work was featured in advertising campaigns in the form of Nike Jeep Taco Bell Toyota L'Oreal Baskin Robbins McDonald's Straight Talk Wireless Timberland Pravana Lilly Lashes McDonald's Straight Talk Wireless Timberland Pravana Lilly Lashes BH Cosmetics Boot Barn and BH Cosmetics Boot Barn, among others. Alexa has been in the music videos of bands like 5 Seconds of Summer 30 Seconds To Mars and Halsey. Alexa has recently been chosen to play the role of co-star on HBO's The Idol. Currently, she's shooting for a big role in The Great Nick D.

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