Andrea Joy Cook and Anllela Sagra

Andrea Joy Cook (also known as A.J. Cook is among Canada's most popular actresses. Best known for playing Jennifer Jareau as a supervisory agent on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds. The show premiered in 2005, and as of 2017, it's now on its 13th year. Cook grew up in Oshawa Ontario, Canada. In her early years, she was dedicated to acting. A guest role on the TV series Goosebumps began her career in acting. In 1999 she made her acting debut in the drama The Virgin Suicides. The film didn't make a lot of money. The following year the film, she started appearing in American Canadian drama Higher Ground as one of its lead characters. After a few years, she was spotted on the crime-drama police series Criminal Minds which earned her a lot of fame and popularity as well as success. In fact, Criminal Minds was the most memorable work of her. In the past, she's also appeared in popular movies such as Least Among Saints or Final Destination 2 Cook has been praised for her gorgeous looks was ranked as high as 88 on the Maxim Hot 100 list 2014. Anllela Sagra...................Anllela Sagra is a Colombian fitness model trainer bodybuilder and social media personality. Her natural beauty and strict working ethics, she is one of the top figures in the business. She initially hoped to become an established fashion designer or model was to follow the footsteps of her mother. She actually holds an education in fashion design from the University of Colombia. Following a meeting with a fitness lover in the gymnasium, she made the decision to become models. The concept of female bodybuilders is a new concept in the country she hails from since women's muscles are not considered attractive in Colombia. Sagra kept working out and began adding muscles to her slim body. Soon enough she was taking part in fitness contests and gaining fans from all over the world via social media. On Instagram she has over 10 millions followers, while on Facebook there's more than 1 million. On Twitter as well as YouTube the two websites on which she doesn't post often - she has 22.5k followers, 265k subscribers. Apple App Store has listed her App. Google Play also.

Andrea Joy Cook Andrea Joy Cook Andrea Joy Cook Anllela Sagra Anllela Sagra Anllela Sagra Anllela Sagra


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